PHONE: 1800-1801
Бидний тухай
  • Foundation of “Аsia Pharma” Co., Ltd
  • Start of cooperation with “Unipharm Inc” from USA, “KRKA” from Slovenia and establishment of vitamin shops in supermarkets.
  • Establishment of first medicine supply center of “Аsia Pharma” Co., Ltd “ in Sukhbaatar district and start of operations as medicine supplier.
  • Establishment of first “Meej” pharmacy of “Аsia Pharma” Co., Ltd in Sukhaatr district and start of operations for a chain of pharmacies. The first pharmacy to offer social insurance discount for purchase of medicines. 
  • Establishment of our second medicine supply center in Chingeltei district to reach our customers, clients better and expand operations. 
  • Beginning of cooperation with “Bayer Pharma AG”, “Bayer Consumer Care”, “Gedеon Richter”, “Care corporation”, “Berlin Chemie AG”.
  • Beginning of cooperation with world-leading companies “Panacea Boitec”, “Shin Poong Pharm”, “Umedica Laboratories”, “Аkrikhin”, expansion of foreign relations.
  • Our company started paying attention to providing high quality medicines to the Mongolian medicine registry and expanding our import portfolio.
  • Chosen from as  a “Company that values customers’ rights” from the Mongolian Customer Rights Protection Agency  
  • Beginning of cooperation with “Novartis”, “Astellas pharma”, “Nizhpharm”, “Sintez”, “Herbion International”, “Lek Pharmaceuticals d.d.”, “Amoun Pharmaceuticals”.
  • Increased number of company staff, human resources capacity and policy was solidified.
  • We solidified our company status in the pharmaceutical market of Mongoila, provided all conditions to import high quality and highly effective medicines and bio substances, ensured the proper use of medicines, and became one of the leading pharmaceutical suppliers. 
  • Beginning of cooperation with leading companies “Nycomed”, “Sandoz”, “Аltaivitamin”, “Мoskhimpharmpreparaty”, “Partner”, “Belmedpreparaty”, “Polpharma”.
  • In addition to expanding our operations in Ulaanbaatar, the first medicine supply center branch was established in Darkhan soum of Darkhan-Uul aimag and expanded our activities to reach more customers expanded.
  • The next branch of our medicine supply center was established in Arvaikheer soum of Uvurkhangai aimag and started supplying the central region clients with high quality medicines.
  • Signed exclusive distribution contract with South Korean company “Medi Green” to import intravenous feeding solutions. 
  • “Medicine supply center-3” was established in Khan-Uul district  and improved our activities to provide medicines and medical devices to the customers.
  • Establishment of first consumer self-service “Pharma market” pharmacy in Sukhbaatar district.
  • “Asia-Pharma” Co., Ltd was awarded Best Import Company at the “Progress in Diagnosis and Treatment – modern times” fair organized by the Ministry of Health.
  • Beginning of cooperation with companies “Pfizer”, “Sanofi Aventis”, “GlaxoSmithKline”, “Takeda”, “Boehringer Ingelheim”, “Medial D&P”, “Denk pharma”, “Actavis International”.
  • Establishment of “Asia-Pharma” pharmacy in Bichil khoroolol of Bayangol district. 
  • Establishment of a “Medicine supply center” in Erdenet city of Orkhon aimag. 
  • Establishment of a “Medicine supply center” in Ulaangom soum of Uvs aimag.
  • Signed exclusive representative contract with US-Company “Eli Lilly” and started supplying their diabetes products. Started importing Albumin from South Korean “SK Chemicals” to the pharmaceutical market of Mongolia.
  • Signed exclusive distribution contracts with South Korean “Hwajin Medical”, “Jeil Pharmaceutical”, Chinese “JFMD”, Russian “Alphaplastic”, companies leading in production of small medical devices, and started importing infusion sets, needles, syringes, bandages, hot and cold pain-relief patches.
  • Establishment of “Medicine supply center-4” in Bayanzurkh district to expand our supply activities and reach more customers and clients.
  • Establishment of a “Medicine supply center” in Uliastai soum of Zavkhan aimag.
  • Establishment of a “Medicine supply center” in Bayankhongor soum of Bayankhongor aimag.
  • Establishment of 6 more “Asia-Pharma” pharmacies in other districts of Ulaanbaatar. 
  • 10th Anniversary of “Asia-Pharma” Co., Ltd. During this time we have accomplished the following:
  • Listed 3rd out of 150 pharmaceutical suppliers operating in the pharmaceutical market of Mongolia, ranked by import, supply volume, product numbers and number of customers. 
  • Market share of “Asia-Pharma” Co., Ltd has reached about 15 percent. 
  • Signed exclusive distribution contracts with world renowned pharmaceutical companies and expanded our foreign relations.  We are importing about 1200 kinds of medicines of 70 companies from 20 countries.
  • Total number of workers has reached 150 хүрч, human resource policy has been solidified.
  • We are operating with 4 medicine supply centers in Ulaanbaatar, 6 medicine supply centers in regions, 9 pharmacies.
  • Selected in “Top 150 companies”, selected in “Top 10 socially responsible companies”.
  • Signed exclusive distribution contracts with 95 year old, world famous german medical device producer “Beurer”, 100 year old, german producer of baby milk and baby food “Toepfer”, 80 year old producer of baby products “NIP”, Russian “Veropharm”.
  • Establishment of children’s product section “Little chick” in “Pharma market” pharmacies.
  • 10th “Asia-Pharma” pharmacy was opened. 
  • Integration of innovative “1С programm” in the sales
  • Built and started operation of a warehouse for safe and quality assured storage of medicines and medical devices under MNS 5530: 2009 standard, which is the first facility of its kind, in line with the quality and safety requirements of the industry. 
  • Selected again in “TOP 150 COMPANIES”, upgraded the previous result. 
  • In appreciation of “Asia-Pharma” Co., Ltd’s efforts in abiding Mongolian tax laws our company was awarded “BEST TAXPAYER” prize in 2013 оны, received “Blue booklet” cup, certificate.
  • “Asia-Pharma” pharmacies opened in Bayanzurkh and Kha-Uul districts.
  • Signed exclusive distribution contracts with “Reliance Life Science”, “Grindex”, “Hanlim pharma”, “Philosys”, “Takaso”, “Nulatex” and expanded foreign cooperation.
  • Once again chosen in “TOP 100 COMPANIES”.
  • Total of 20 pharmacies in Ulaanbaatar, listed 2nd with number of pharmacies in Mongolia. 
  • Established medicine supply centers in Khuvsgul and Dornod aimag, with total of 10 medicine supply centers nationwide.
  • Total of 1800 kinds of medicines were registered in Mongolia, cooperation with 84 companies from 30 countries.
  • Number of company workers reached 230, jobs were added during financial crisis. 
  • As part of company’s social responsibility and in frame of “Wholesome Mongolia” we have imported Ledifos produced by Indian company “Hetero Labs Limited”, the product can be purchased by health insurance discount, Liver center was opened.
  • Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry has selected our company as 2017’s Enterpreneur company of pharmaceutical sector.
  • To provide customers with innovative service “Zaisan”, “Elizabeth”, “Moriton” pharmacies were opened, number of pharmacies reached 24.
  • Number of company workers increased to 330, providing more people with jobs.
  • Started importing 10 kinds of psychotropic medicines from South Korean company “WhanIn”, leading producers of medicines impacting the central nervous system. This has gained gratitude of customers, doctors and specialists. 
  • “Asia-Pharma” Co., Ltd has organized 15 charity activities for its 15th anniversary. For example: 
  • A classroom in Kindergarten No.1 of Sukhbaatar district was redesigned by “Asia-Pharma” Co., Ltd for traffic safety lessons, to teach kids in a child-friendly way with games, picture boards.