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About us


Our goal: 
We will bring you advanced style of health service
Our target:
Developing the Mongolian pharmaceutical sector intensively in favor of quality standards through the adoption of internationally accepted standards in the supply of medicines and medical devices in Mongolia.
Our vision:
Our company will become a national model company that provides modern and comprehensive health services and will be the brand of choice for everyone
Our motto: 
Our values:
  • High professionalism
  • Leadership
  • Owner’s mindset
  • Honesty
  • Self-improvement and improvement of others
  • Joint effort
Core principles of the company:
  • To protect the health of citizens by high quality, highly effective  pharmaceutical products that are recognized internationally recognized and are registered in the Mongolian medicine registry.
  • Increasing the company social responsibility, capacity strengthening of staff and health sector workers, promoting innovation, and promoting appropriate use of medicines.
  • Honor the law, to standardize our company operations, to work with high responsibility and be highly productive.

High professionalism

  • To value high professionalism in our operations
  • Abide by professional ethical standards



  • We aim to be not only good worker, good manager, but good leader and become the role model.
  • We will always seek opportunities to initiate new ideas and improve our company. We will support new ideas and creative approaches.  
  • We will provide the best solution medicines and services to our customers.


Owner’s mindset

  • We will approach our work with an owner’s mindset and will protect company reputation and property.
  • We will help and support each other to increase our performance.



  • We will do the right thing using the right path and be true to our word. We will not shy away from responsibilities and be trustworthy.
  • We will honor Mongolian laws and regulations and abide by company discipline.
  • We will honor honesty in relationships with our workers, clients and customers.