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“Modern herbal medicines and therapeutic trends and phytotherapy" training was organized by “Asia-Pharma” Co., Ltd in cooperation with Bionorica, German manufacturer of herbal medicines.   Specialists, doctors from Sweden, Kazakhstan, and Germany and over 650 medical representatives form Mongolia participated in the training organized on 16-19 August, 2016, in the conference room of the Kempinski Hotel Khan Palace organized.

The training exchanged experiences with our country's specialists, doctors to increase the use of herbal medicines and therapeutic products in inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, nasal cavity and inflammations of connective tissue.

Also interest was expressed in cooperating to expand the knowledge and skills of doctors and pharmacists in order to further organize the training, to stabilize inter-institutional cooperation, increase the use of herbal medicines and therapeutic approaches.

Phytoneering is a word comprised of Phyto-plant and Neering-engineering and means using research and advanced technologies to produce effective and safe medicines usig plant-based substances. WHO notes that 80% of the world's population is more likely give relevance to herbal medicines and that they tend to use herbal medicines in first aid

Furthermore, “Asia-Pharma” is planning to increase the quantity of herbal medicinal products in scope of above initiative. It is planned that best pharmaceutical sector workers will be selected and will visit the herbal medicine factory site of Germany’s Bionorica.