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If you imagine about something which is harmful for your teeth, you may think of only about “candies”. However, the following 8 foods which we have never thought of gradually damage your teeth little by little. Let us take a look to these foods.


There are many people who do not even think ice is harmful but helpful for the teeth. It is true that ice consists of only water and does not have any additional substances. Nevertheless, chewing this hard and cold object makes your teeth fragile, along with damaging your tooth’s enamel. Therefore, you should learn to stop chewing the ice which comes along with your soft drink but drink water in its liquid form.

2.Citrus Fruit Varieties

Acidic foods make obsolete tooth’s enamel and too sensitive for hot and cold.  It is tastier to drink water and tea with citric acid but it is not a good choice for your oral health. In addition, orange and tangerine fruit varieties and its juice reactivates oral diseases. Please drink water well when you eat those acidic fruits.


It is harmless to drink natural coffee but how will it not damage your teeth when it is mixed with sugar? Besides, both tea and coffee have high level of caffeine, therefore they dry your oral cavity. Except these facts, regular use of coffee also stains your teeth.

4.Sticky foods

Dried fruits are first on the list of foods which do not increase your weight. However, we do not know how dried fruits impact our teeth which keep us fit. Sticky and chewy types of foods damage enamel of our teeth when they are kept long period of time inside of our mouth.

5.Crispy foods

It is so satisfying to eat a nice bag of crispy chips, isn’t it? Nevertheless, the high level of starch which is contained in potatoes are likely to get stuck in your teeth. For that reason, you are better to drink water well before starch grows much in your mouth and brings you a “grief”.

6.Carbonated drinks (soft drinks)

If you use sugar or carbonated drinks for a long period of time, then bacteria of tooth gums mixed with sugar produces harmful acid which damages your tooth enamel. Even a soft drink which is labeled “Diet” is bad for your teeth. Every drink which has caffeine dries a mouth.


Regular use of alcohol dries your mouth above anything else. Saliva production decreases during aging and use of alcohol in this situation can eventually lead to tooth decay or gum diseases. Furthermore, even it could lead to an oral cancer.

8.Energy Drinks

Evidently, how unhealthy does it sound? Any energy drink, even which are targeted to the athletes contains high level of sugar. If you do not practice a training which requires high pressure of muscle and energy, use of such drinks are unnecessary.

You may not realize the impact now but if you do not take this advice you might be going to the dentist room countless times when you reach your high ages.