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Everybody wants to live healthy and long life but some things we do daily are secretly “killing us” day by day. For example, if you always use hair dryer, then it would be the one of the reasons for a hair loss. If you sleep with your socks on, then it damages your brain cells and you would not have a perfect rest, plus no air exchange for your feet. In addition, taking a shower daily imbalances your skin’s moisture and causes dryness.


Sitting Too Much

If you seat 6 or more hours a day, you are likely to get cardiovascular diseases 64% higher than those who do not. It is negatively impacted to your health when you work sedentarily even when you do exercises during your work. According to the article which is published on “The BMJ Open” magazine, if you do a job which only sits maximum 3 hours a day, then your lifespan would increase by 2 years.


Humans create a healthy lifestyle by sleeping but sleeplessness or over-sleeping both influence negatively to your health. For instance, there are risks of gaining weights or losing your life’s energy for sleeping less. On the other hand, if you sleep 9 or more hours during a day, you are likely to get sick with cardiovascular diseases by 41% more than those who do not. Sleeping well lifts up your mood and body but 7-8 hours of sleep are enough amount for an adult.

Looking at Screen Too Long

Watching TV, or looking at computer screen too long increases the risk of causing heart attack and paralysis. Sitting 4 or more hours in front of these devices can increase your vulnerability to these illnesses by 113%. The particular magazine of Heart Disease Research College published an article about this issue in the United States. On the other hand, the experts of “The BMJ open” magazine concludes that if you create a habit to look at screen 2 or less hours in a day, you can prolong your lifespan by 1.4 years.

Getting Treatment on Your Non-Life Threatening Illnesses

According to the 12 years of study of the Canadian researchers, unless if you do not have life-threatening illnesses, you do not have to get treatment on illnesses such as stress or insomnia. By doing this, you can prolong your lifespan. The people from the study who did not take care of their insomnia and stress were likely to live 5% longer comparing than those who did not.

Lack of Sense of Humor

Laughing is one of the things which strongly support our life. “The Mayo Clinic” advises that laughing improves immune system and releases from stress, moreover it prolongs our life and gives us happiness. Furthermore, laughing burns calories at some degree therefore it is beneficial for losing a weight. 

Living without sex

Having a sexual intercourse would release you from stress, burn calories, and become an exercise for you but it also prolongs your life. According to the study of Duke University, researchers have found out that women who are sexually active and satisfied are likely to live 8 years longer than those who are not.  Another study of “The BMJ Open” magazine shows that when frequency of men’s orgasm increases, chances of death decreases by 50% accordingly.

Applying Sunscreens

Although applying sunscreens protects you from ultraviolet radiations from the sun and prevents you from getting skin cancer, but it also blocks direct vitamin “D” which you must get from the sun. This vitamin is beneficial for bone strengthening, improving immune system but it also a key vitamin that functions against the HIV/AIDS viruses and destroys cancer cells. Every European woman out of four who is ill with breast cancer is considered that the cancer was caused by the lack of vitamin “D”.

Eating Unhealthy

Food is the key factor that influences a person to live long and healthy. There is a high risk of getting many types of diseases for eating unhealthy foods but you need to eat fruits and vegetables. Please refuse from eating fast food and eat pop corns, lemon balanced as well. Lemon is beneficial for the person in many ways but excess use impacts negatively for oral cavity and damages your tooth’s enamel.

Poor Ventilation

We think that the air of our home or office is cleaner than the air from the outside. However, this understanding is contrary from the fact that the air from the office is dirtier than the air from the outside. New building, apartment has the dirtiest air. According to the “Environmental Protection Agency”, those microscopic polluted environments damage your liver, kidneys and central nervous system.