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How does obesity begin?

Obesity is accumulation of fat caused by body’s over-weight. There are fat reserves in a body which are used when they get needed. When you get fatter, fat reserves get much.   

Reasons of obesity 

Regular type of obesity: This type of fattening is caused by the difference between of calories which you take from the food and calories which you burn. In other words, this type of obesity is caused by overeating and its treatment is the most effective. 

Obesity that is caused by Syndrome: Slow metabolism caused by edema, poor digestion, arthritis, nervous fatigue. It is difficult to treat such obesity only with food adjustment and exercises but needs to be implemented with disease treatment and restoring internal metabolism.

Obesity after giving birth: Evidently, this type of fattening is caused by increased appetite during pregnancy. Therefore, if you do not monitor amount of food and calories which you take, you might eat excessive amount of food followed with over-weight.

Method of Calculating Normal Weight (Body Mass Index буюу BMI)

If you want to find out whether you are obese or not, please divide your weight (Kg) by your height in meter squares (BMI=Kg/m2)

Level of obesity (does not belong in pregnancy):

<18.5: Below normal weight

18.5-22.9: Average, Normal

23-24.9: Slightly above normal

25.0-29.9: 1st level of obesity, average obesity

>=30: Excess obesity


Methods for eating healthy and to keep yourself fit:

-          Do not skip breakfast, lunch and dinner

-          Follow your meal schedules

-          Chew your food well

-          Choose foods with less fat

-          Please avoid eating foods over-salted or too spicy

-          Please eat fresh foods rather than canned or frozen foods

-          Please avoid eating snacks instead of food

-          Please eat more fruits and vegetables

-          Drink water well

-          Follow your healthy diet well